Photozone is a great site for equipment reviews.

Fred Miranda has user reviews that may be helpful to you when looking to buy gear.

DPreview has some very nice equipment reviews. If you can sift through to the DSLRs especially in between the point and shoot cameras.



Amphibian Research Center is a great site for Aussie frogs

Owl Pages is an exceptional site for the owls of the world

Martin Purvis butterflies for Aussie butterflies

Brisbane Insects has something for everyone interested in insects. While it's a Brisbane based site, many NSW insects can be found here.

Arachne is an exceptional web resource for Aussie spiders.

Seaslugforum is a good site for seaslugs and nudibranchs

Fishes of Australia is self-explanatory




George Evatt Coralsea TV

Stephen Davey a keen amateur photographer

Australian Aviary Life Magazine is a great magazine for breeders by breeders